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    Why We Feel Connected To Sacred Geometry

    Our Connection To Sacred Geometry

    Is there a geometric pattern you are drawn to? A repetitive pattern found in art, nature, or architecture that you always notice when you see it. Here are just a few reasons why we feel connected to sacred geometry.

    Reconnecting With Nature

    The petal patterns of a flower, the natural design of a leaf, the coils of a seashell, butterfly wings, and the rings on a cut tree trunk. These are all examples of sacred geometry. These perfect mathematical and geometric patterns are created naturally and are believed by many to be the ‘formula’ of creation—the flower of life.

    Going With The Natural Flow Of The Universe

    As humans, it is easy to forget that we are part of nature. Yes, obstacles will stand in our way, but just as a flower can bloom in the cracks of cement—we are always meant to be aligned with the natural flow of the universe. This is one of the reasons why gardening or spending time in nature is balancing.

    Appreciation Of Beauty

    What is more beautiful than nature? Nature and naturally occurring elements are one of the most common sources of inspiration for artists. Even if nature is not depicted the shapes and patterns found in nature are often displayed in jewelry, sketches, paintings, pottery, architecture, and art of all kinds. You can even find adult coloring books with sacred geometry.

    Pay attention to the feelings specific geometric patterns elicit and turn to them to lift your spirits when you feel down.

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