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    Fear Is A Healthy Response To COVID-19 But It Must Not Consume You

    Fear Is A Healthy Response To COVID-19 But It Must Not Consume You

    Fear is part of the body’s natural fight or flight response but most of the things we worry about and allow to spike our cortisol are things we give far too much time and energy to. Fear is a healthy response to the Coronavirus pandemic but you must not allow fear to consume you.


    If you already meditate kick your meditation up a notch. If you have never tried meditation, now is the perfect time to start. Head online for guided meditations. Jay Shetty is currently doing guided group meditations or listen to one of Louise Hay’s many online affirmations.


    You can’t head to a spa for a massage or pampering but now that you have more time at home you can invest some of your time in self-care. This could be anything from a warm Epsom salt bath to at-home mani and pedis, self-massage, or asking your partner for a massage. Be sure you repay the favor! Don’t forget eating well, hydrating, and exercise.

    Minimize Input

    It is hard not to be consumed by all the news and social media post surrounding the pandemic but you need to create some boundaries. This might be limiting yourself to no more than 2 hours of news per day and Googling the local impact no more than twice per day for 10 minutes. You may even want to limit social media and set boundaries with loved ones that you need to invest time on other topics too.

    Last but not least find meaningful ways to invest your time!

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