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    Having A Bad Day? These 3 Rituals Will Leave The Negative Energy Behind

    Having A Bad Day

    Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, had a tough day at work, or you are just having a bad day—you can turn things around.

    Get Active

    Hit the gym, take a brisk walk, go for a bike ride, or do anything that gets your heart pumping. This will help to work out the tension, stress, and frustration of the day. Be sure to bring your headphones and listen to a few songs that pump you up.

    Channel Your Negative Energy

    I also like the idea of channelling negative energy, or the energy of work in general into an object—and leaving that energy at the office. For example, pick up a coffee cup, pen, or notepad and imagine yourself channelling all your negativity or stress into the object and leaving it on your desk at the end of the day. Then, as you walk out the doors of your office or building—think of the door as a portal in which you are stepping through into a happier and healthier space.

    Do Something

    Don’t just go home and sulk or head to happy hour to overindulge. Instead, do something to get out of your funk. Yes, you can spend a few minutes venting or enjoy a cocktail with a friend—but don’t let your bad day consume you. Instead, go to the movies, head to a park, take your dog for a walk, play with your kids, read a book, do an art or craft, steam, get a massage, or go to your favorite restaurant for dinner.

    Here’s to getting back to a happy place!

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