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    Do You Know The Difference Between Negative And Positive Stress?

    The Difference Between Positive Stress And Negative Stress

    Less stress, it’s what we all strive for, so you might be surprised to learn that there is such a thing as positive stress.

    The Difference Between Positive Stress And Negative Stress

    Positive stress is the type that challenges you. It is the stress created when working on goals. This might include working on your degree, completing a project at work, or working on your personal or professional development. It is not stress related to finances, unhealthy relationships, a constantly stressful work environment, an unmanageable schedule, or an unexpected life change.

    Stress Can’t Be Your Excuse Not To Try

    Somehow being stressed out has become both a badge of honor and an excuse not to try. Something that might sound like “I want more than anything to go back to school but I’m already stressed to the max.” If we are going to choose stress, why not choose positive stress instead?

    As difficult as it might be to accept, you can let go of a great deal of your of your negative stress. Yes, after a relationship comes to an end you will need time to grieve your loss—but you may also feel a weight lifted and be ready to fly!

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