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    Binge-Watching Can Be Good For You

    Binge-Watching Can Be Good For You

    While not healthy as a daily go-to binge-watching can be good for you. Here’s how to know when it’s of most benefit.

    Stress Relief

    If you are super stressed and need a break from reality, finding something good to shift your attention to can give your racing mind a break. You can find a new show, but sometimes it’s best to return to a TV or movie series you know and love when you feel stressed.

    Intensified Viewing

    Series with multiple characters and storylines, such as Sense8 or Stranger Things, are quite complex. Watching 2 or 3 episodes at a time can help you identify the intricacies and connect stories and character lines better than if you watch them one at a time or with a one week gap. For shows that you have to wait to be released each week, this can be a fun reason to go back and watch the series again.

    Escape For A Bit

    Kind of like going to the movie theater, binge-watching a show at home helps you escape even when you aren’t stressed. It breaks the monotony and can inspire, motivate, or help you feel more connected by really getting to know the characters.

    As with anything, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing so keep most binge-watching sessions to a day or two—unless it’s a one-off series you really can’t get enough of.

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