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    3 Reasons Micro-Cations Are On The Rise

    Why Micro-Cations Are On The Rise

    Micro-cations are on the rise across every demographic. This includes day trips, weekend getaways, long weekends, and adding an extra day off to a 3 day weekend. Here are just a few reasons why they are so popular.

    We’re Taking Shorter Vacations

    Many professionals are opting to take a full week or so off around the holidays and invest the remainder of their vacation days in long weekends. These short vacations mean you always have an upcoming getaway to look forward to. Even if you don’t have an extra day off, find places you can travel to on Friday after work, returning Sunday afternoon to break the monotony.

    Your Boss Will Love It

    Even if you have tons of time off your boss will appreciate you taking a few days off instead of a full week. You may also find that micro-cations make catching up when you return to work easier as you will only be a day or two behind.

    It’s A Greener Way To Travel

    Most micro-cations have lower carbon-footprint than longer vacations as you are more likely to drive or fly a short distance opposed to a longer distance. However, your mode of travel is far from the only way you can green your travel plans.

    Here’s to making the most of your time off!

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