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    What Will Vacations Look Like In 2021?

    What Will Vacations Look Like In 2021

    It can be challenging enough to find the time to take a few days off and while we all love a staycation—you may be looking forward to traveling in the year to come. Here’s what vacations will look like in 2021.

    Travel Restrictions Are Still In Place

    Individual states continue to restrict state-to-state travel and the Department of State recommends that US Citizens do not travel during COVID-19. Additionally, many countries have closed their borders or have greatly restricted travel due to the pandemic. In other words, your options are limited—and even if the borders are open when you book your travel plans, they may not be open when it’s time to travel.

    Consider Your Local Options

    It’s easy to forget, but there are countless attractions you can visit in your local area without having to go too far, such as museums, galleries, and national parks. Search online for the top attractions in your city or state and consider booking a nearby hotel for a staycation that provides you with the change of setting that can make your time off feel like something new. This is especially important with the extra time we are all spending at home. Since you’ll be staying locally, splurge, and get a suite.

    Your local travels can include traveling to or with friends and family. Whether in-state, nationally, or out of the country—be sure to check travel restrictions and COVID protocols when you book and again before you travel. What’s most important is that you take time off and break the monotony of everyday life.

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