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    What To Do When You Are In A Workout Slump

    When You Are In A Workout Slump

    We’ve all been there, bored with our go-to fitness routine. Here’s what to do when you are in a workout slump.

    Mix Things Up

    This could be anything from changing the time of day you workout to trying a new gym or fitness studio, and mixing up your workout machines. Even buying new workout shoes and clothing can get you motivated.

    Take A Class

    If you like to run, cycle, or do a traditional gym workout try taking a group class instead. Swap one day a week for a class which will teach you something new. As an added bonus you might meet some new friends.

    Invite A Friend

    Speaking of friends, set a goal to workout with someone else at least one day a week. This will make working out more fun because time with friends is something we all look forward to.

    Workout At Home

    Working out at home has never been more challenging or fun. Between YouTube, fitness apps, streaming services, and tried-and-true DVDs—you can find countless ways to stay fit without leaving the house. You could even do live-streamed personal training.

    Workout First Thing In The Morning

    We already discussed mixing things up above, but there are a few added benefits to working out first thing in the morning. For starters, as difficult as it might be to get up earlier—you will feel super energized and accomplished when you are done. Also, you will eliminate the all-day-long stress of whether or not you will make it to the gym after work.

    With just a small change or two you can get back into your workout groove.

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