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    Is What You Eat More Important Than Exercise?

    Is What You Eat More Important Than Exercise

    You are not alone if you are wondering if what you eat is more important than exercise. Some studies show that what you eat can contribute to as much as 90% of how much weight you lose, but there are a few other factors to consider.

    How Sedentary You Are

    If you sit for more than 8 hours a day, exercise will be a greater part of the weight loss and maintenance equation. For example, if you sit 6 or more hours per day at work, sit during your commute to work, and sit on the couch when you get home. The more you sit, the more important an increase in movement becomes. By investing in a standing or convertible desk or sitting on a balance ball some of the day you can counteract some of your sitting.

    Your Muscle Mass

    We lose 3% of muscle mass each year after the age of 30. The more muscle we have the easier it is to maintain and lose weight. So, if you eat well but never workout or never strength or resistance train you may not be able to achieve your goal weight. Or you may find that you steadily gain a pound or two a year as you age. Resistance training doesn’t have to include any type of heavy weights as you can use your body weight for resistance or exercise bands. In addition to weight loss and maintenance, your muscle mass is essential for maintaining balance and range of motion.

    So, if you’ve changed your diet or personalized your nutrition but aren’t seeing results—and aren’t working out—its time to get a bit more physical.

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