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    Not Ready To Go Full-On Plant-Based But Want To Make A Change?

    Not Ready To Go Full-On Plant-Based

    If you love the idea of going full-on plant-based but aren’t there yet, or it won’t work as your family won’t commit—and you aren’t going to prepare two meals per meal—try these tips instead.

    One Meal Per Day

    One growing trend is to eat one plant-based meal per day. Don’t worry as it’s easier than it sounds. If your kids eat cereal for breakfast this is as easy as switching from cow’s milk to soy milk and using a nut butter on their toast instead of real butter. Start small and find delicious recipes and the change won’t be too difficult.

    Less Animal Protein

    If you can add more protein-rich nuts, seeds, legumes, and veggies to each meal you can reduce the amount of meat your family consumers—and they will still be nourished and feel full. Remember, deprivation is not the goal so learn which ancient grains are protein-rich and add more of those to your plate.

    More Veggies

    Yes, many veggies have protein and the more veggies you eat the healthier your meals are. I really enjoy Jamie Oliver’s cookbook Ultimate Veg. It has lots of family and kid-friendly delicious side dishes, snacks, and creative ways to add veggies to dishes you know and love. To improve your environmental consciousness plant your own garden, even if it’s small. Also, purchase more organic produce and buy from farmer’s markets or farm shares.

    A little change can have a major impact!

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