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    Losing Weight In The Summer Is Easier!

    Losing Weight In The Summer

    Have you noticed that you weigh your lowest at the end of the summer and your highest just after the winter months? You certainly aren’t alone. Here is why losing weight in the summer is easier.

    You Workout Without Working Out

    You spend an hour outside playing with the kids, your friend invites you to a group volleyball game, you hop in the pool to go swimming on a warm day, or you spend your lunch break walking the park next to work. The summer months provide far more opportunity for active fun that doesn’t feel like a workout.

    You Consume Fewer Calories

    Not only does warm weather suppress your appetite, but the warm weather also leaves you craving healthier foods like fresh fruit, smoothies, and salads. Eating heavy foods can leave you feeling weighed down so you are more likely to eat smaller meals and fewer calories.

    You Have More Energy

    With the sun shining bright you are likely to have far more energy in the summer than during the cooler months. This is especially true if you live in a climate that has a drastic difference in summer and winter temperatures.

    Since losing weight in the summer is easier, now is an excellent time to adopt a few new healthy habits.

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