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    Yes, The Pandemic Can Be Your Excuse To Skip Holiday Stress

    Yes, The Pandemic Can Be Your Excuse To Skip Holiday Stress

    While many of us are heartbroken about not being able to have the usual Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas—you may find yourself relieved. Maybe a bit sad, but less stressed than most years. Even if your family is hosting the usual celebration, the pandemic can be your excuse to skip the holiday stress.

    Let This Be A Test Year

    If you join your family each year out of a sense of obligation, but the holidays are more stress and anxiety than joy—let this year be a test year. It will be easier for family to understand why you won’t be there, and it will let you test what it feels like to do holidays your way.

    Next Year Will Be Easier Too

    Experiencing how much easier and joyful the holidays are this year without the drama, pressure, and family fights—it will be easier to decline the 2021 holidays. If you decide to decline again next year it will be easier. Just let your family know that you or you and your family have created a new holiday tradition. This might be a bit of a compromise. Maybe one holiday with family, but not all.

    Yes, you may still have family members who guilt and pressure you to celebrate with them, but you have the right to do what is healthiest and most comfortable for you.

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