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    Tips For Your Next Working Vacation

    Tips For Your Next Working Vacation

    If you have the flexibility to work remotely or are new to living as a digital nomad, the tips below will help you to remain productive during your next working vacation.

    Be Mindful Of Time Zones

    If you have set business hours that you have to be available for be mindful of the time difference in the location you are traveling too. Even if your hours are semi-flexible, you may need to be available for phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings during standard 9 to 5 business hours. Be sure to let your clients know you are traveling or in a different time zone so they do not stress about a delayed response.

    Stick To Your Schedule

    It is even more important to stick to a schedule when you are traveling, even if your schedule varies greatly from one day to the next. This might mean getting up super early some days so that your work is done early enough for an afternoon excursion. Or, starting late so that you can enjoy the nightlife the evening before. Generally speaking, work first—play later. You may take a weekday off and work on the weekend depending on the activities you want to enjoy.

    Know Your High-Productivity Times

    I’m someone who is most productive in the morning, so that is when I schedule the projects that require the highest attention to detail. Working during your personal high-productivity times is always essential, but even more so when traveling. If it helps, head to a coworking space, which is also a great place to meet people.

    Even if you stick to a fairly traditional 9 to 5, you can explore your travel destination after hours!

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