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    Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

    Turning Your Hobby Into A Career

    Whether it’s a hobby you do for fun or a side hustle you’ve been at for a while, the pandemic has inspired many to turn their hobby into a career. Here are a few tips.

    Explore Existing Places To Sell Your Products Or Services

    Begin by searching for places to sell your products or services online. For example, Etsy is perfect for arts and crafts and sites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to sell a variety of digital products and services. This could be a primary skill utilized in the position you were laid off from or a skill used in a previous line of work, but don’t count out your other skills. For example, if you are bilingual  you could provide language lessons on Zoom.

    Establish Your Online Presence

    Always begin with reputable existing reputable sites as mentioned above, as they already have a built-in audience, but you should also establish a professional online presence. This includes getting more active on LinkedIn, posting articles on Medium, creating a professional LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook page, creating YouTube videos, and more. You can launch your own website, but websites are an investment and they must be marketed to generate traffic.

    Here’s to turning your hobby or side hustle into something more!

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