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    Where To Put Your Home Office?

    Where To Put Your Home Office

    If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who will continue to work from home as the country begins to open, you will need to find a more permanent workspace than your kitchen table. Here are a few places to consider putting your home office.

    Rethink Your Current Finished Spaces

    If you never use your dining room or guest bedroom transition one into your home office. Maybe install a trundle bed or invest in a couch will a pullout so you can still have a guest over. This may present more of a challenge if more than one family member will be working from home, so consider the additional tips below. If you have an RV, you could use that too!

    Refinish A Space You Aren’t Using

    If you have an unfinished attic or basement consider having it finished. No, you don’t need to finish the entire space—just a large enough section to function as your office. Make sure to add electrical outlets, light fixtures, and at least one window for lighting. If you have ample street parking you could also turn your garage into your home office.

    A Shed Or Container

    Small but functional sheds or containers can be transformed into functional home offices. Costs start at $120 per square foot. Just be sure to check your local ordinances or to check with your landlord to ensure putting up a temporary structure is permitted and to determine what the size restrictions are.

    Here’s to remaining productive while working from home.

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