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    3 Ways To Boost Creativity

    3 Ways To Boost Creativity

    Creativity is required in both our personal and professional lives, not just for art—but to problem solve and innovate. If it’s not flowing our you feel stuck in a rut here are a few ways to boost creativity.

    Step Away

    It’s easy to think that the longer we focus on it or the more time we invest the sooner we will come to a resolution but clearing your mind and taking some space is often a faster way to a resolution. Depending on the situation this could be anything from a short walk or workout to a weekend away or time spent binge-watching TV, quality time with loved ones, or time spent doing something that you love.

    Spend Time In Nature

    While you step away, strongly consider spending a bit of time in nature. Not only does nature minimize stress and anxiety, but it can ignite creativity. The larger the space the better, such as a large forest line, lake, waterway, or tree-filled park. The wide-view of a nature scene will literally widen your perspective.


    We must not forget that we are not alone! Reach out to someone you can brainstorm with, bounce ideas off of, or full-on collaborate with. In fact, collaborating even when you aren’t stuck is one of the most effective ways to innovate.

    Here’s to thinking big, bold, and outside of the box!

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