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    Why My On-Demand Concierge Is My New Personal Assistant

    Why My On-Demand Concierge Is My New Personal Assistant

    If you are like me you don’t have a need for a full or part-time personal assistant, but there are times when last-minute errands arise and you just don’t have the time. Here are a few ways on-demand concierge services can help.

    What Is An On-Demand Concierge?

    As-needed concierge services were once only reserved for the uber-wealthy, corporations, or as part of your hotel guest services. Speaking of uber, the invention of Uber is what sparked this new industry. It was followed by Uber Eats, which provides delivery from many restaurants that don’t offer their own delivery services. Now Uber Health can take you or loved ones to the doctor. Uber Pets can take you and your pet to the vet. And there is a long and growing list of 24/7 on-demand providers who can perform a variety of services.

    Pickup, Deliver, Drop-Off, And Return

    Have your dry cleaning dropped off today and picked up tomorrow. Have a gift purchased, gift wrapped, and delivered to a friend across town when you can’t make it to their party. Schedule a drop-off and return, maybe to have new keys cut for your new apartment. Some on-demand providers even allow you to hire a concierge for the day and perform a variety of time-saving tasks.

    My on-demand personal assistant saves me time, stress, and money!

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