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    Are You Leveraging Your Connections?

    Leveraging Your Connections

    Looking for a new job? Or to hire someone fabulous? Statistics show that 85% of mid-level jobs are filled by direct referrals and this rate increases for management and executive positions. This means that leveraging your connections is a must. Even if you are focused on personal growth, check who you know first.

    Utilize LinkedIn

    Connect with absolutely everyone you come across professionally. Then when you are looking for a new job, want to fill a position, or need to expand your network in any way—browse LinkedIn first. If you don’t know the person you are looking for there is a good chance that someone you know and trust does.

    Live Networking Is Still Of Great Value

    There is still value in signing up for local networking groups in your city, county or neighborhood. Also, look for industry or niche specialty networking groups—and keep your eye out for networking events that welcome all. Be sure to bring lots of business cards.

    Get The Word Out There With Everyone

    Most of know someone with the personal or professional insights we need, or who can connect us to who we need—but they don’t know we need help. So, get the word out there via direct message or in person.

    In the digitally connected world we live in we must take the time to pick up the phone, meet in person, and strategically use the internet to connect and engage.

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