• Camel Milk Is The New Milk

    Why Camel Milk Is The New Milk

    Camel’s aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of milk, but it’s been enjoyed for centuries in the Middle East and Africa. With its growing popularity, even…

  • Narrative Medicine For Your Health

    Is Narrative Medicine The Future Of Healthcare?

    Research shows that the mind-body connection is real. If it weren’t the placebo effect wouldn’t be a clinical method of proving new pharmaceutical treatments. While something all physicians acknowledge to some…

  • The Downside Of The FIRE Movement
    happiness work

    The Downside Of The FIRE Movement

    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but that’s is something that we don’t realize until we get there. While everyone focuses on the benefits of the FIRE movement…

  • Daytime Date Ideas

    Fun Daytime Date Ideas

    If your relationship is new and you want to bypass the stress of an evening date, or you simply want to spend a day doing something fun together these daytime date…

  • Why Glamping Works

    Why Glamping Works

    Glamping has become a full-on travel niche rising in popularity all around the world. It’s evolved from camping in an RV to staying in luxurious cabins and cottages. With glamping accommodations…