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    Why Pet Names Are More Important Than You Might Think

    Pet Names Are More Important Than You Might Think

    We give pet names to kids, our closest friends, and our partners. Whether you love or hate them our terms of endearment that are more than just casual or cutesy nicknames.

    An Intimate Connection

    Whether it’s the name only your parents and siblings call you, the special name you have for your grandma, or the pet name your partner calls you privately or in public—the name is the sign of an intimate connection. Sometimes it’s a generic nickname, but it’s often a name with a personal story behind it. Sometimes we have more than one pet name for the ones we love, including our household pets.

    Nicknames Are A Sign Of A Healthy Relationship

    When it comes to dating over 70% of healthy couples have sweet little names for one another. Why? Likely because you take the time to do and say little things that show affection. The exception to this rule is the hurtful nicknames that we give to kids and adults, like shorty or fatty. Also, when children grow out of their nicknames, respect their request to stop calling them a once beloved nickname that now makes them feel childish—especially age-related nicknames such as baby.

    When it comes to nicknames, never force them and just let them happen organically.

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