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    What Does A Well-Balanced Diet Look Like?

    Well-Balanced Diet

    It’s a term we have all heard a million times, but have you ever really considered what a well-balanced diet looks like?

    It’s Different For Everyone

    If there was one dietary solution that worked for everyone we would all be doing it. Not only do our individual needs vary, but they vary and change over the years. Factors such as gender, age, genetics, level of physical activity, job, health conditions, and even the time of the year affect your nutritional needs. For a truly balanced and personalized diet, it would be wise to visit a nutritionist every 3 to 5 years.

    Most Of Us Need More Veggies

    While our nutritional needs vary, the average adult comes in short on both their fruit and vegetable intake. As a general rule aim for at least one-third of every meal to be fruits and veggies. If eating your veggies is a challenge, find a fresh squeezed or all-natural juice or smoothie you can drink daily.

    Less Processed Foods

    The increase in nutrient deficient kids and adults who eat three full meals a day is on the rise. Why? Because more people are eating processed foods as a primary source of nutrition opposed to whole foods. This includes fluid intake. If the majority of the fluids you drink are high sugar, fructose-filled beverages then you may also be dehydrated. Opt instead for water and herbal tea, with small amounts of coffee, coconut water, and electrolyte beverages. Keep in mind that increasing your fruit and veggie intake will also increase your hydration.

    If you aim for 90% real whole foods with 3 to 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day you are on the right track.

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