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    Lonely But Not Alone

    Lonely But Not Alone

    One of the downsides of being constantly connected is that even if you send and receive a steady stream of texts and messages throughout the day—you may find that you feel lonelier than ever. You may feel lonely but you are never alone.

    It’s Time For Some Face Time

    Even if you text your bestie every day you must schedule time together one-on-one. If your nearest and dearest live out of state or country, schedule time to video chat. This will help you feel engaged at a level that you are unlikely to achieve in the abbreviated world of emojis and text messaging.

    Be The Friend You Want

    We all have friends and family we adore but don’t always stay in touch with. You know, the people with whom you always pick up right from where you left off. Or those who try to spend more time with you but you don’t make time for. If you are feeling lonely it’s time to make those you’ve fallen off with a greater priority. It’s time to be the kind of friend you want. Just make sure it’s with people who reciprocate.

    It’s Time For Something New

    If you feel stuck in a rut or at the very least as if your schedule owns you, it’s time to shake things up. Start saying no to being overcommitted, and yes to activities and events that increase your social time. Even if they take you out of your comfort zone. In fact, especially if they take you out of your comfort zone.

    With just a few small changes you can quickly move from lonely to joyful.

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