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  • Doer Or A Dreamer
    happiness mental health

    Are You A Doer Or A Dreamer?

    I sincerely believe that we should never stop dreaming, but there is a distinct difference between head in the clouds dreaming—and taking action to make things happen. Are you a doer…

  • You Are A Powerful Creator

    You Are A Powerful Creator

    Even if you are stuck in a rut or don’t feel it every second of every day, you are a powerful creator! Here’s how to take your power back. Change Your…

  • Explore Your City
    happiness home

    Explore Your City

    Whether you have lived in your general area your entire life or moved to your current city recently, or years ago—exploring more will make you love your city more. Here’s how…

  • Living Your Values

    Living Your Values

    Many of us have values and beliefs that we are passionate about, yet at the same time, we contradict these values. While we all make mistakes you must challenge yourself to…

  • The New Way To Age
    happiness mental health

    The New Way To Age

    It’s about time, but we are living in a day and age where age is not seen in the negative light it once was—particularly for women. We have a long list…