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    Are Healers Real?

    Are Healers Real

    In your search to address the mind, body, and spiritual connection to health and wellbeing you may find yourself drawn to alternative practitioners—who market themselves as healers or shaman. But are healer’s real?

    How Are Healer’s Trained?

    Most healers that you meet in the states have training, certificates, and degrees in one or more healing modalities. Most who work in natural healing are attracted to it because they have a unique gift or have experienced alternative healing in their own lives. Internationally you may find healers who have been trained in ancient cultural methods or whose family have been healers for many generations.

    How To Select Your Healer?

    Whether it’s a massage therapist who also does energy work, a yoga instructor, sound therapist, or any spiritual healer—you must always trust your gut. Yes, opening up and feeling vulnerable can be uncomfortable, but you should always feel safe. If they shame, guilt, or push you to do things before you are ready they are not the right healer for you. A sincere healer understands that while they can present you with a challenge they can’t force you—because we all get there in our own time.

    And feel free to try more than one until you find the right fit for you.

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