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    Naturally Eliminate Your Headaches

    Naturally Eliminate Your Headaches

    Headaches can zap your energy, decrease productivity, and leave you irritable. Here’s what to do when your over-the-counter pain reliever doesn’t work—or when you are looking for a natural alternative.


    Tension is a primary cause of headaches so stretching can help. I find that a 30-minute yoga video almost always zaps my headache. If not yoga, do a few back and neck stretches to see if it helps.


    If you have a nearby massage parlor or spa that allows same-day appointments, schedule a massage. Let your therapist know where your head is aching, the temples, forehead, back of the neck—etc. This will help them determine where to focus their attention.


    Hydration is a common cause of headaches. Sometimes dehydration can sneak up, like when you sweat more in humid weather. Or while on vacation when you are drinking more than usual. Start with an electrolyte beverage and continue with water and unsweetened herbal tea. If dehydration is the cause you’ll feel better in an hour or so.

    Peppermint Essential Oil

    I massage a bit of peppermint essential oil-infused lotion on to where I feel the pain. This creates a tingling and refreshing effect that minimizes my headache. I also like to massage it into my neck and take a few deep breaths as the fragrance contributes to the soothing process.

    If your headache is chronic or your pain is severe reach out to your physician.

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