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    How To Destress When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

    How To Destress When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

    Whether work is piling up, household organization is out of control, or the family schedule requires you to be in three places at once—you may be feeling overwhelmed. Here’s what to do when you need to take things down a notch.

    1. Ask for help. It’s not an easy thing for many of us (myself included) but if you have people who are willing to help just ask.
    2. If your partner, kids, or professional team isn’t doing their fair share of things it’s time to delegate. If you must, hire a helper. Even a few hours a week can have a major impact.
    3. Clear a few things. If you are overextended it’s time to let a few things go. I know, you don’t want to be someone who commits then backs out—but you need to alleviate some pressure before you burn out.
    4. Start saying no. It’s time to start prioritizing your life, only saying yes to things that bring you joy—or at the very least don’t drain you.
    5. Take some time out. Determine what you need to feel a bit more balanced. This might be sleep, meditation, yoga, massage, quality time with friends, a vacation, or a weekend unplugged.

    Too often we wait until things boil over and we get sick or burnt out. By taking a proactive approach you can greatly reduce your ongoing stress.

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