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    Stress And Weight Gain

    Stress And Weight Gain

    When you are stressed to the max you may find that you can’t lose a pound, or that you gaining weight rapidly. Here’s why stress and weight gain must be managed together.

    Increase In Cortisol

    Cortisol is the ‘fight or flight’ hormone, our natural response to stress. Our bodies are magnificent works of art and can easily handle occasional spikes in cortisol—but we are not designed for ongoing or daily spikes. Cortisol increases the production of insulin, which increases blood sugar—which can lead to rapid weight gain.

    Lack Of Sleep

    If stress has you up tossing and turning at night then your body is not getting enough sleep to power you through your day. This will prompt your body to release a hormone that increases your appetite. While you need the extra energy, the extra calories often lead to weight gain.

    Stress Eating

    Last but not least, with a spike in appetite-inducing hormones you are likely to turn to unhealthy foods—comfort foods higher in sugar and saturated fats. Or you are just more likely to stress eat to make yourself temporarily feel better.

    Even if you can’t immediately eliminate the stressor there is much you can do to minimize your response to stress.

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