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    Do You Choose Fear Or Love?

    Do You Choose Fear Or Love

    At a time when we feel more divided than ever, it’s important to focus on what you can control—which are your thoughts and your response. As complicated as it may seem simply ask yourself if you choose fear or love?

    Only Love Is Real

    Marianne Williamson’s book A Return To Love challenges us to view the past and present through a simplified lens that everything is an extension of fear or an extension of love. This means that stress, anxiety, shame, self-doubt, procrastination, and conflict of any kind is rooted in fear. On the flipside, happiness, joy, kindness, and gratitude are all extensions of love.

    We Are Part Of A Collective Consciousness

    The thoughts we think don’t just create our reality but our thoughts contribute to the collective consciousness. When we raise our vibration through thinking and seeing through a lens of love we help to make the world healthier for everyone. This means that we must find the love, or at least the lesson learned, in even the darkest of circumstances.

    Silencing Your Fear

    There are many ways you can silence or minimize your fear. Practice makes perfect so set your goal to reduce the negative thoughts and patterns. Find positive affirmations that help shift your mindset. With every negative “what if it goes wrong” thought create at least 2 “what if it goes right” thoughts. Or something that lifts your spirits, shifting your attention away from fear and negativity.

    Here’s to your love-filled life!

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